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Utonagan Welfare

It is a sad but inevitable fact that, as a breed gains popularity and becomes more numerous, some dogs will find themselves "surplus to requirements", as it were. Any ethical, trustworthy breeder will accept responsibility for their puppies FOR LIFE, so they should be your first port of call if and when you need to re-home your Utonagan, or any other dog. If for some reason they cannot/will not take back a dog they have bred, or indeed if you have some special reason why you do not wish to contact your breeder, we will of course still help you with re-homing your Utonagan in any way we can.

There have been a great deal of litters born in the past few years, mostly to very few breeders and often to breeders to whom no dog should be given back (see News pages) hence we have seen an exponential rise in the number of Utonagan needing new homes. We thank everyone who has given a new, loving home to a rescue Utonagan - be it from us or elsewhere - but are sad to say that there will always be more homes needed.

"Utonagan Welfare will only guarantee to contact registered breeders if one of their dogs is handed in, or reported to be in a rescue centre. Other, non-registered, breeders may be contacted out of courtesy, but this is at Utonagan Welfare's discretion."

N.B. Anyone can claim to be running a rescue service. The Utonagan Society has a small network of trusted volunteers who will do their best to take in any Utonagan in need. No profit is made. We re-home with a stringent contract to prevent Utes in our care from further harm. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot and do not recommend any other Utonagan rescue service.

Dogs needing new homes

There are no Utonagan needing new homes via The Utonagan Society at this time. Sorry!