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TUS registered litters

There are currently no TUS registered litters. There may well be Utonagan puppies available elsewhere, however the breeders of such pups will not be beholden to TUS Breeder's Code of Ethics. All pups need good homes, but it helps any breed enormously if prospective owners only buy from reputable breeders; i.e. those that breed purely for the love of the breed/dogs and the improvement of it's communal health.

See the 'WARNING' page for advice on ensuring the breeder you pick is reputable.The information there was written some time ago but is still relevant. Nadia Carlyle has been known to still be active within the Utonagan breed since (and indeed during) her ban by the RSPCA and we urge anyone buying a Utonagan - or any other dog - to be very cautious when/if dealing with her. She has been known to use aliases, one being 'Paige Summers'.