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To all Utonagan owners and potential owners

In 2006, The Utonagan Society (TUS), Environmental Health and the RSPCA received numerous complaints relating to the neglect and poor standards of living of approximately 51 dogs and puppies owned and bred by Nadia Carlyle ...
Nadia Carlyle
..., a breeder breeding independently of TUS. In August 2007 Forest Of Dean Environmental Health were successful in their case against her and she was found guilty on charges of noise pollution relating to excessive barking and howling. A CRASBO was served against her limiting her to keeping only two dogs of the same sex in the Gloucester area.

The RSPCA raided her home in October 2006 after gathering evidence relating to worm burdened, underweight, injured and neglected dogs living in foul conditions and eating rotten meat. They seized 26 dogs and puppies, both Utonagan and mixed breeds. Sadly several puppies died or had to be put to sleep. The RSPCA served numerous charges against her relating to the dogs seized.

The dogs that were not seized (a mixture of Utonagan and Husky crossbreeds) were located elsewhere prior to the raid. After the CRASBO was applied in the Gloucester area, Nadia moved to Carmarthenshire, where we believe the other dogs were hidden. Due to publicity surrounding the case, she has established a network of people who are selling puppies on her behalf, in the Carmarthen (Trimsaran, Ammanford), Swindon, Cardiff, Swansea and surrounding areas.

Ms Carlyle did move to Ayrshire briefly after being found guilty on several charges of cruelty, at the RSPCA court case against her on 8th - 11th of July 2008. [See Kilmarnock Standard articles]. However she quickly moved again, in no small part due to the participation of the Waterside Action Group, an anti-puppy farming conglomerate.

The court case has resulted in a 12 month ban on Ms Carlyle owning dogs, meaning the 19 held in kennels since 2006 should now finally be able to find good, stable, permanent homes where they can receive the love, care and necessary training they have had to miss out on so far. No disrespect is meant to the RSPCA centre(s) staff at all, who we're sure have done a sterling job, but only so much can be done in a kennel environment with so many other dogs to care for.


It is a sad fact, but - in no small part due to these events - we must ask all potential owners to be very careful when buying a Utonagan dog at this time, but particularly from the areas listed above. Those advertised on free ads websites or in free ads magazines can be worth extra scrutiny too. We only wish you to have the best possible chance of buying a healthy dog. Several of the Utonagan in this case (and thus also other related dogs being bred by others in the areas listed above) are known to be affected with Epilepsy - meaning many more will at least carry genetic material for this condition. Some may not be pure bred Utonagan, which may produce an unexpected temperament. The parents may not have been health tested and similarly bred pups have been known to be worm burdened due to being ineffectively wormed with homeopathic remedies such as Sherry tablets.

Reputable, registered breeders, regardless of who they are registered with, will provide you with:

  • Full registration documents and pedigree on the day of collection (not via the post).
  • A vets letter verifying your pup is of sound health, (if male has two descended testicles) and free from worms, plus proof that they have had their first injection and a suitable worming programme.

The Breeder should show you:

  • Both parents, (photograph of sire is fine).
  • Sire and Dam's registration documents plus Hip Score and BVA Eye Test results, the names on each should match. [Eye test certificate should have none of the affected boxes ticked as affected dogs should not be bred from.]

If there is any mention of M.R.D. please take into account that this condition can significantly affect the dog's quality of life. Please read the link for details of this condition. M.R.D has recently become evident in certain lines, therefore TUS now eye test ALL litters prior to re-homing. Ask to see the litter eye certificate showing the results for all the puppies, so that you can check all tested unaffected. Even the most careful breeders, who scrupulously health test and go out of their way to source good lines, may be unfortunate enough to produce the occasional pup with an inherited disease. There are no 100% guarantees after all. Such pups of course deserve homes too, but a reputable breeder should make you fully aware of any health conditions, thus giving you an informed choice. Not only that but you should pay less than standard (£600 is usual for pups from fully documented, health tested stock), as they may need veterinary care later on.

Genuine pure Utonagan are usually only advertised on the website of whichever reputable Society they are registered too. The Utonagan Club is owned by Nadia Carlyle, therefore is not recognised or deemed reputable by ourselves or other Utonagan Societies.

If you are planning to visit a litter in any of the above areas, please contact our Breed Advisor who will verify whether purchase is advisable. We hold details of most of the people selling on her behalf and receive regular updates on any additions to this list, so can quickly answer your queries. If you view puppies which have distended, hard, swollen bellies and are told this is because they are well fed, it is more likely that they are worm burdened. Please ask to see the wormer being used (Drontal or Panacur are the ones most vets recommend) There is no homeopathic cure for worms, you can only prevent worms homoeopathically. Please note All puppies are born with worms, worms can kill their host if not treated effectively. The only cure is to use vet approved wormers from 2 weeks of age. Once you cure the pup, if you choose to then use homeopathic prevention, this is fine, but it is also advisable to use a chemical wormer at least once yearly.

If you visit a property in the areas listed earlier, please be very cautious. If you see signs of underweight, stressed or anxious adult dogs, signs of ill health or worm burden, discharge from eyes, nose or back-end, runny faeces, distended swollen bellies, coughing or wheezing, underdevelopment, general lethargy or leanness, please report these to us and/or the local authorities, to help stop further suffering and neglect. Ensure that the house owner is the Breeder/owner and not a puppy farmer, look for photographs etc. Ask to see both parents and all their documents. Ask the breeder to talk you through their pedigree and give you some background on their ancestors, who they were bred by etc. If they cannot provide any of this, it is likely these puppies are being sold for a third party.

A healthy puppy should have clear eyes and nose, no evidence of diarrhoea, a full but soft abdomen, clean smelling, shiny coat, healthy teeth and gums and generally look content and full of life.

If you see any litters advertised, other than on any of the genuine Utonagan Societies'/Association's websites, please contact us before viewing them to verify the Breeder is not the above person.

Sadly neglect of this beautiful breed cannot be stopped, whilst people continue to purchase in ignorance of the facts. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for paperwork or 'grill' the breeder; you are the buyer and you deserve to know all the facts.