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News reports and associated articles, involving Utonagan caught up in the public media. If you know of stories that we have missed please send us the details. Equally, if you wish to inquire, or have extra information regarding the existing articles below get in touch!

We regret for having to begin with a WARNING, but the information within it is sadly necessary at this time. Please don't be disheartened by the amount of bad news at the moment though. It is worth remembering that all the articles so far are about the same person. Just one person, but one who has done a lot of damage and done it publicly. The dogs themselves - or indeed the breed as a whole - are never to blame in these unfortunate situations. Neither are the various Utonagan groups, as we have all disassociated ourselves with the lady in question long ago. TUS' breed advisor was in fact 'drafted in' by the authorities and has been a great help to them.

There are many, many lovely, responsible people who own Utonagan dogs; and we welcome you all! TUS are sorry that we must be the bearers of sad Utonagan news at the moment, but the more responsible owners there are the better the news should get.


To all Utonagan owners and potential owners

In 2006, The Utonagan Society (TUS), Environmental Health and the RSPCA received numerous complaints relating to the neglect and poor standards of living of approximately 51 dogs and puppies owned and bred by Nadia Carlyle ...
Nadia Carlyle
..., a breeder breeding independently of TUS. In August 2007 Forest Of Dean Environmental Health were successful in their case against her and she was found guilty on charges of noise pollution relating to excessive barking and howling. A CRASBO was served against her limiting her to keeping only two dogs of the same sex in the Gloucester area.

Sunday Mail 10th of August 2008

A BANNED wolf-dog breeder has fled her farm leaving 18 pups for dead

Nadia Carlyle quit the kennels after being exposed by the Sunday Mail for trying to sell her specially-bred animals for £600 each.

Her sudden departure also came after she was accused by a farmer of letting a fully grown Utonagan husky-cross - a rare dog bred to look like a wolf - escape to savage a prize sheep worth £5000.
The incident was reported to police but no charges were brought.
Carlyle left Hillbank Kennels, near Hurlford, Ayrshire, last Tuesday leaving a note which said: "Please look after the dogs".

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