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The Utonagan Society is not actively breeding at this time, therefore there are no breeders registered with us. Sadly there have been a number of irresponsible breeders within the Utonagan community, going all the way back to 2002 when the name 'Utonagan' was first used, and there quite possibly still are. Therefore we can only advise that anyone searching for a Utonagan puppy is very careful where and who they buy one from.

Remember, if you buy from an unethical breeder you are still giving them money which will encourage them to continue.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that there are no health problems known in the Utonagan, OR that they are bred from wolves. Neither is true.

Utonagan should be hip scored and eye tested (both of which should be proved with paperwork from the BVA) receiving satisfactory results before being bred from. As with any other breed that means the eye test should show NO inherited defects - check with an expert if you are not sure if a condition is heritable or congenital - and the hip score should be below 10 in total. Slightly higher might be excusable if the dog is otherwise ideal, however if a breeder is producing pups from a dog or bitch (or worse, dog and bitch) with a hip score of 20 plus, their motives should be questioned.

Don't be afraid to quiz the person you are buying any pup from. If they are responsible they will be happy to answer any questions you have thoroughly, and will indeed question you equally exhaustively before allowing you to have one of their pups. They should be as keen to get good homes for their pups as you are to buy from a good breeder.